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A Brand Helping Men Compete at a Higher Level

Story by Lorena Jiménez

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Well being and looking good seems to be a recent concern for most people. Higher life expectancies, a more demanding working environment, and the desire, sometimes even the need, to create a good first impression are changing the fashion and lifestyle scene. One of the first fields to notice this huge change has been, believe it or not, menswear. 

Up until recently, men used to barely care about their looks. Putting importance in the outer appearance seemed to be something reserved mostly for women, but now the trend is changing and more and more men are going towards a not so far back past in which men used to always try to look their best in any situation. The traditional male icons and gentlemen that used to take great pride in their outer appearance in the '50s and '60s are now being replaced by modern male figures that go to the gym, apply skincare, and care about what they are wearing, but what about those males that do not really know how to dress and take care of themselves? How can they learn and improve their outer look to compete in life at all levels.

The answer is SUIT MAKE, a brand made specifically for men. Created with the mission to cater all of their needs, even those needs that might up until now have been missing to be covered.


What is SUIT MAKE?

SUIT MAKE is a men’s lifestyle brand founded in September 2017 in Seoul with the mission of making men not only look their very best but also feel great through tailoring, grooming, and image consulting services.

The company, which has recently launched a digital platform through which they offer lifestyle advice for men and personal branding services, also offers personal image consultations and full custom-made wardrobes to fit the different needs men might have.

They have their own partner ateliers in which all types of custom made items are made daily to improve the appearance and life of their clients. All clothing items are made in house with high-quality Italian fabrics and skillful Korean seamsters from start to finish. That might already sound great, but another two important key points, in my opinion, are that these custom-made items are actually created from start to finish to fit only the person and their specific body, in less than 14 days from the day the order is processed until the item is delivered to the client’s door. That together with their affordable prices puts SUIT MAKE within the reach of most people as they believe everyone should have the right to dress well and look their best.

Tailored clothing is not affordable in most cases, but this brand has managed to set their prices at almost the level of ready-to-wear clothing while keeping all of the benefits of a personalized item. In its tailoring department, SUIT MAKE produces custom wear for anybody who needs it, no matter if it is women, men, kids, or pets, but all the other services and the brand itself are directed at men only.

Discovering what Men Need

Jen Auh, the founder and CEO of the brand, started her company as a hobby. She had been working in the fashion and beauty industry for over 20 years when one day she was asked for help by an acquaintance that had been told at work that he needed to improve his appearance to suit his new promotion.

After seeing the results of her first “client,” more and more friends started to ask for help and, while helping her friends, she started to realize many things concerning men's fashion:

  • Many men did not know what suited them best

  • Different clothing items were not always easily available 

  • Many items were poorly made but sold at high prices

  • Men, just like women, have different body types and thus do not fit every item well even if it is their size

  • Many clothing items need alterations which end up being higher in cost than the item itself

  • Many men do not have the time to go shopping for the clothing they need.

That is how the idea for SUIT MAKE came to life, an idea which became reality when Jen was offered to be paid for her services by people that had seen the results of her previous work.

Helping Men Compete at a Higher Level

When asked  what she likes best about her job now, Jen mentioned that she likes the fact that she was helping people. “I think what we do here is not just changing your style; it is more like a life transformation” she commented, explaining that her clients tend to already look and feel different by the end of their first consultation: “They stand a bit taller, and look much more confident after they see themselves in the mirror and they get the first looks and compliments.”
She explains that what they do at  SUIT MAKE starts with changing the exterior, what they could call the shallow part, but it does not stop there, as it has a deep impact on the overall life of their clients. “Some of our clients have lost more than 50 pounds, gotten engaged, gotten promotions, and started being way more confident, but all of them have improved their life as they feel more confident and happy in their own skin”

Outer looks might be just a shell, but many times that shell is a representation of how you truly feel on the inside, which is why the proper changes could transform your life and, in the meantime, looking good and treating yourself is never a bad idea.

If you wish to get yourself a good fitting suit, change your outer look, the way you see yourself, or just the way you are perceived by others, you can contact them at:



Instagram: Suitmake

Or visit them personally at: 

790-17 Hannam-Dong #101, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul Korea 04417 +82 2 6489 1797

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