More Than Just Wine

Vineworks Hopes to Create Communication

Through the Universal Love of Wine

Story By: Emma Kalka

Photos By: Anuj Madan


To those unfamiliar with wine, it can seem daunting to attempt to learn about it. Long has it had the perception of being high-brow and elitist to understand the differences between regions or types. However, the folks at Vineworks hope to break down that stereotype by showing that anyone can learn about wine - and love it.

Nestled in the back alleys near Sangsu Station in the Hongdae area, Vineworks has a fresh approach to wine-tastings. And one that is full of laughter and conversation. 

“We want to break down preconceived ideas,” said Ian Ashwork, Vineworks founder, during a recent event hosted for local influencers. “Recreate that home feel.”


And the venue certainly does that. With a main tasting room that seats about 35 (or 40 if you do standing only) and a rooftop that fits even less - perhaps 20 at best - wine tastings here allow for participants to get up close and personal with the wine, the staff, and each other. And it’s not just one person standing up and droning on about the various types of wine. Ian provides an easy, yet fun explanation of what Vineworks is about and how anyone can enjoy wine, which is full of jokes and banter back and forth with those who participate.

It’s more a conversation, which is what Vineworks is all about, according to Ian. At their tastings, they hope to not only pass on information, but to help people learn something about themselves as well as make new friends and lasting relationships. 

“We believe each wine has its own character, personality, and individuality, that each bottle is unique, and above all else, it is a drink that needs to be shared to be fully appreciated,” Vineworks said.

The most recent event had about 10 influencers from around Korea, though most were based in Seoul. It was a lively event that worked to both introduce just what Vineworks could do, as well as allowing for networking opportunities. While it did have what one might expect at a wine-tasting - explanations on how to appreciate the flavor of wine as well as in introduction to using your nose - it was presented in a casual format that left room for a back and forth between the presenter and presentees. 

What’s more, it didn’t necessarily feel like a wine-tasting - more like a group of friends getting together to enjoy a few bottles as well as walk away with a bit more knowledge about what they were drinking.

It also included an array of appetizers that were delicious and matched well with the white wine that was served - vegan options included.

The venue hosts tasting events at their location, but also travels if needed. They do a number of private tastings for private groups as well as companies. Outside that, they also host a number of events open to the public that feature wines from specific regions. While you must register in advance, these events are more laid back, allowing participants extended time to get to know the wine as well as each other. 

They are also have an open bar available - just contact them anytime you wish to enjoy a glass of wine.

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Sunday, 12-10 pm

315-7 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (315-7 상수동 마포구 서울시)

For more information on upcoming events or to book a private event, visit Vineworks’ website or Facebook page. See their instagram here

Sean Choi