Skates & Songs

Revamping the old-school skate rinks with neon and EDM

Story by Roya Cartledge

Photos provided by PFAAP!

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Seoul is a modern and vibrant city full of endless opportunities in reference to entertainment. There are countless places one can go to enjoy, relax, and unwind. From eclectic museums, quirky cafes, luxury spas, and historical sites, you are sure to find something of your interests in Seoul.

However, due to this reality, it can easily become overwhelming to make a decision on where to go and what to do. If you have ever found yourself in this predicament and you're interested in something a little more off the beaten path, look no further. I’d highly recommend checking out ROLLER-GROUND PFAAP!

ROLLER-GROUND PFAAP! is a roller-skating rink located in the Songpa neighborhood of Seoul. Conveniently, just a short walking distance from Geoyeo Station, exit 3 off of the purple line 5. However, PFAAP! is by no means an average roller-skating rink.

As you enter the venue you will immediately encounter a lively atmosphere that awakens your senses to roll and bounce. The venue in itself is aesthetically pleasing, it’s obvious that a lot of thought and effort was placed into its design. The interior is super attractive, bright and clean. There is a stage centrally located around the skating rink hosting a DJ both creating a unique and entertaining experience. There are charming light fixtures, a massive disco ball, reflective mirrors, and an impressive sound system that all come together to create a certain je ne sais quoi about the place.

If you don’t own a pair of skates, no problem. For a reasonable price, you can rent a pair of luminous light-up wheel roller skates. In addition, the staff at PFAAF! are truly friendly and approachable. There are different options in lounge areas if you need to take a breather from all the excitement. Also, if by chance you tend to get hungry there is an inhouse snack bar with an array of beverages and foods to quench your thirst and dissipate your hunger.


The venue is also dynamic, in the sense that it hosts different events featuring art exhibitions and live performances from various local artists. There are 2 specific sections within PFAAP! that are used to display art. There is an independent exhibition space and an art tunnel, that change every so often for the amusement of attendees. I must admit I was truly impressed with the place.

All in all, ROLLER-GROUND PFAAP! is a place you should check out if you’re in Seoul looking for something to do to beat the heat this summer. Even, if you don’t fancy skating, spectators can easily find this place attractive for all it has to offer. You can follow PFAAF! on Instagram @pfaap or on Facebook @pfaap.official to keep track of their events and schedule. 


Sean Choi